Annihilation 2.3

Coded By Sevnn and Plasmatic 2000-2004.
Copyright 2004 Zerovoid Studios, Annihilation Development team.
Designed by the Annihilation Development Team:
Sevnn, Plasmatic, Scavenger, Lucid, Auto, Monkey, Minuteman3, Whitehawk,
And all the others who donated their talent.

About the Annihilation Mod

If you're new to annihilation you might wan't to give this a read.

Annihilation is a multiclass mod designed to promote diverse gameplay as well as strategic teamplay. This mod provides you with a group of armor classes and weapons to allow you to experience a wide variety of gameplay options. Whether you prefer the stealthy sniping, juggernaughting your way through defenses, or constructing a defense system from deployable objects, Annihilation should provide the equipment you need for any style of play. While Annihilation shares some characteristics of other multiclass mods currently available for Tribes, you'll find it also has alot to offer that is unique to this mod. Some examples of this are the descending dropships, thorough administration options, damage effects such as fire, and a variety of unique deployables. You can succeed as a lone warrior, however this mod is designed to benefit people working as a team; Certain armor classes and weapons provide great strengths as well as great weaknesses, in most cases these weaknesses can be compensated for by having a teammate.


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The Team

Sevnn - Producer
Responsible for all production elements.

Plasmatic - Technical Director
Responsible for coding the Annihilation Mod Project.

Damptoast - Art Director
Responsible for all artwork production.

Lucid - Designer
Responsible for various aspects of design and gameplay mechanics.

Scavenger - Designer
Responsible for founding the Total Annihilation Mod Project.

What's New in 2.3

All changes coded by Plasmatic. The changes are in order chronologically as they were coded from earliest to latest.

- Gameplay Changes-

Allowing turrets on enemy jail cell, great for opening jail remotely by firing on switch.
Players can open jail by shooting switch.
Players can't escape from jail with team switch anymore.
Changed teleport trigger to work with tele base instead of tele beam.
Teleport error sends player to a respawn point instead of disabling teleport
Damaged teleports are more likely to malfunction.
Droids now get destroyed if controlling player suicides.
20% chance jail gun will send user to their own jail.
20% chance cat sensor will deactivate Chameleon Pack.
Teleporters will take more damage before destroy.
Shocked players (EMP Damage) jetting will damage themselves if jetting within 5 seconds after shock damage.
Players on fire will damage themselves when below 1/4 energy and jetting.
Control Jammer no longer detonates OS rockets on jamming, rockets continue until impact.
Neuro Basher will now target OS missiles controlled by players in sensor net.
Beacon key will release teammate's pitchfork
Phase Shifter pack will now swap players position when targeted at another player
Shock damage will drain a turrets energy now.
Builder Mode Target Laser Defaults to Target beam. Can be toggled to Cutting Laser.
Destroyable Bunkers.

- Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks -

Fixed damage for Shotgun ammo.
Changed player explosions to increase coolness...
Turrets no longer fire at friendly Chameleons.
Enemy turrets no longer interfere with placement of turrets.
Removed ammo pack from angel and Necro armors, added to Builder Armor.
Removed Builder Attack Pack.
Overhauled Ammo Pack code.
Reduced ammo mine damage by 20%.
Rewrote BabyNuke code, TK and BK proof now. Reduced bounce.
Reduced teleporter malfunction chance.
Tuned BabyNuke.
Modified sight position for Rocket Launcher.
Stasis, Disarm, and Death Ray now fire through functions along with Flame Strike, eliminating the 'Ghost Pack Reload' bug.
Partially recoded Ghost pack.
Changed jet animations for Angel, Necro, Chameleon, and Builder.
Changed animation and sound for Builder grenade explosion.
Tuned Nuke... again...
OS rockets will no longer pass through deployed walls or Force fields.
Builder repair gun shuts off when target is repaired.
Added throw check to Pitchfork damage, players can no longer TK with it.
Cut ammo mine damage in 1/2, now at 40% of original.
Tuned exploding ammo again, now at 60% of original.
Increased Interceptor and Fighter impact damage values.
More vehicle damage code to guard against idiots..
Cleaned up function player::ondamage
Added Target to dropped flags.
Modified shocked jetting damage and Plasma burn.
Added return to 0 damage in ::ondamage functions, save proc cycles..
Made shotgun bullets visible.
Masked Self boosting global message off.
Added Jetting damage type and messages for Shocked damage and plasma burn damage.
Changed Rail Ejector.
Reduced Plasma fire jetting damage..
Partially recoded Air Base
Added animation to teleporter
Completely recoded power functions for portable solar, generator and mobile inventory.
Wrote function to return flags.
Increased Control Jammer Live time before disable.
Returned Control Station to Air Base.
Tweaked Bunker damage.
Tweaked plasma damage for heavys.

- Gameplay Additions -

Tribes 'use laser' and 'use blaster' keys (default 1 and 6) will toggle options for weapons with options -Minibomber, Vulcan, and Pbeam.
Added 'Newbie School' integrated into iplogger.
Necro sight decloaks items, dechams chameleons.
True sight pack does also..
Added animations to throw mine and grenade.
Coded and added grabber to builder mode.
Added plasma floor.
Added sight to rocket launcher.
Added shape to Grabber, renamed Pitchfork.
Added Pitchfork to regular play, limited use to players and deployed barriers.
Coded Neuro Basher turret.
Added Vehicle speed indicator, and coded vehicle/ static collision code.
Added extra animation to exploding ammo.
Added an automatic $ItemFavoritesKey generator, no more screwed up fav keys.
Coded Happy Mod 'Breaker' Spams fake players and flags around..
Added damage notify sound to shooter
Added voice pack mute to personal options. Clients can disable their own voice packs.
Wrote Admin list builder, exporter and editor.
Added shell ejector to Rail and Vulcan.
Added 'Havoc mod' map items for compatibility
Integrated FlagHunter 1.2 into Mod.
Created CTF Flaghunter mode.
Added 'Time Patch' functionality to player messages and deaths.

- Admin/Options/Menu Changes -

Individual player voting can be disabled.
Added 'Secret Admin' option.
Modified random missions for simplicity, recoded.
Choose mission menu lists total maps of each type.
Added view controlled-object toggle in observer mode.
Added scheduled obs alert.
Added escape from jail for admins.
Support for custom messages for teleporters added to editor. "message =" field in .mis file.
Completely rewrote admin destroy functions, lag free and fast, admin can destroy 100's of objects with a few clicks, fast even with 1000+ objects for builder.
Server auto removes objects after limit in builder mode.
Added a permanent solution for banning.
Players can no longer start a mission vote when loading in new map.
Added 'add time' option for admins.
Admin list and ban list no longer re-executed every player connect.
Added admin toggle for 'team change turret disabler' to god menu.
Server information in Tab Menu will give server uptime.
Admins can pick next mission.
Added confirm for start next map, and restart map.
Added return to previous menu for "Reset server" when choosing "No"
Fixed broken ffa and tourny mode toggles, added return.

- Bug Fixes -

Fixed say messages for plobe.
Fixed obs notify for admin.
Fixed ownership problems for Optical Rrocket when toggling Command Screen.
Fixed Vulcan weapon bottomprint.
Fixed flame strike reload while toggling Ghost Pack.
Fixed 'Ghost Armor' cheat.
Fixed console spam "Player::getItemCount: could not find player", caused by players buying armor or switching weapons while dead.
Fixed optical rocket team ownership problem.
Fixed incomplete multiple-image weapon loads.
Fixed death messages for Rocket Launcher, and Tank Rocket Launcher.
Fixed another 'Player::getItemCount: could not find player' bug -switching weapons when loading in new map.
Fixed a 'Player::dropItem: incorrect item type:' issue -dropping ammo with a energy weapon mounted.
Fixed some problems with Ip ban.
Closed Inventory/ vehicle cheat hole.
Fixed cat sensor spam.
Fixed disappearing flags.
Fixed Syntax error related to ELF turret.
Fixed dead players firing Baby Nukes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who made the mod?
Annihilation was originally started by Scavenger under the name Total Annihilation. TA was originally based on Renegades2k. Lead development for TA was turned over to Sevnn. After months of development, Sevnn started the mod from scratch and renamed it to Annihilation. It was at this point that Annihilation was first released to the public. Annihilation is currently being coded primarily by Plasmatic. However, Sevnn and Scavenger are still active in development. Sevnn maintains this website.

Should I play or host any particular version of the mod?
There are multiple versions of the Annihilation mod that have been previously released. 1.31 has been the most popular version to date. 1.34 has gained some popularity but was released with some problems. 2.0 has become very popular but has also been looked badly upon as it has some drastic measures to reduce balance problems. 2.0 is the most stable and bug free version yet and has the coolest features available (moving dropships, jail towers, ghost packs, depoyable generators, etc). The development team would prefer if you host the latest 2.x vesion of the mod. 2.x versions are more balanced and allow for more fun for all players. Support for 2.x versions will be more readily available as well.

Can I edit Annihilation?
Yes, you can edit Annihilation, but please read the End User Licensing Agreement before doing so. If you wish to release any modifications to the code of Annihilation over the web as a download or on a Tribes server listed on the Master Server List, please ask permission first. I have never denied anyone permission to make changes, but I would appreciate a chance to counsel you first regarding what changes you want to make and the naming of your modification.

Is it cheating to use OS missiles or Droids?
No. Both OS and Droids are coded into the mod to be used by players. It is common for some players to complain about their usage. If you experience this, tell the players to deploy a Control Jammer near their base to protect it from incoming OS and Droids. Be sure to repair the Control Jammer from time to time as it will 'wear' itself down slowly.

Do OS missiles and Droids cause lag?
No. OS missiles and Droids are no different in respect to network bandwidth usage than jumping in a vehicle and flying it around. For sake of understanding, both the OS missile and the Droids are vehicle object types with different shapes.

Can I use the old style Particle Beam in 2.1?
Yes. By hitting tab and clicking on personal options, you're given the choice to use the older style (instant) pbeam, or the more powerful new style (charge).