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SeX modSeX modSeX mod
SeX modSeX modSeX mod

Tired of Renegades, and clones?
Does base mod make you yawn?
Do those Ultra mods make your head spin with respawning?
Try out Sex mod for Tribes and frag in style!
Faster pace wth less carnage.

Rock gun in action

Sex Mod is a server modification for Tribes, and is competely server sided.
-No need to install Sex Mod to play Sex Mod.
Just start up tribes and join a server running Sex Mod.

Sex mod -Confuse and Annoy your foe

SeX mod by Plasmatic.
-SeX mod is NOT based on any other mod, nor is any code from other mods used.
SeX mod is 100% origional.

SeX mod is based on an an idea from [KmA] Jumper.

It's Far past the time when the major tribes need to fight. Now battles are done for sport. In memory of a time long lost, tribes get together for sport every 7 cycles of the moons of Sanguine. The object is the same, but armor technologies have improved considerably and outpaced improvements in weapons. Now a diffrent strategy is needed. Most teams set up Zappers around their flag to disarm their opponents, and use Huckers to disable them. More weapons and turrets are being developed quickly since the games have allowed advertising.

A diffrent strategy is needed to cap effectivly. A
single player can't wreck your base, slap you around,
and take your flag easily. Unless you let them...

New weapons.

Rock Launcher
Sends fiery meteors at your foe, does little damage to players.
High rate of fire, large kickback. Spawn weapon.
Cherry Gun Send exploding cherries at someone you love. Fast fire rate. Medium damage, short range energy weapon. Spawn weapon.
Soul Sucker High damage, auto aim energy based weapon. Slow fire rate. This weapon requirs an energy pack to supply the high energy demand.
Orgasm Gun Excite your enemy into giving up all their goodies. Players who understand this weapon will have a great advantage. By tickling the enemys control center, the Orgasm gun will cause players to fumble weapons, ammo, and even flags. Spawn weapon. Short range, continuous fire. This little gem wil also double as a grappling gun, and will repair team items and players!
Pepper Gun Season you foe. Sends heated hot peppers towards your target. Works best close range.
Hucker Gun Set up those pesky Hucker Turrets like a PRO! Only the Heavy armors can carry this little gem. When fired, it sends a Hucker turret up to 250 YDS away. Once it reaches its target, it will burrow in, and fire at passing enemys. The Hucker turret network currently supports 50 per team. Annoy at will!
Home Wrecker Sends nitrous filled blow up dolls at your enemy. Great for wrecking bases.
UFO Launcher Sends flying explosive disks at your target. The enemy will think it's invasion time with this little baby. Send them to area 51 today. High fire rate, long range.
Funk Tosser Sends Stink cans at the enemys feet. Stink reacts with an armors circuitry and will cause spontaneous implosion if left unchecked.
Needle Gun One shot kills with some armors. Once locked on, the explosive needle will follow players around until contact, or until the target is lost. Slow fire rate, long range.
Pencil Gun Sends sharpened number 2 pencils at the enemys eye. Very deadly in the hands of experienced Sexers. Long range, high fire rate.
Plasma Gun The old standby, still the favorite in some sectors. High fire rate, high fire potential..
Targeting Laser No damage laser pointer, hit 9 on your keypad to use. Intended to illuminate targets for teamates. Increased light output to scare off the bogey men.

New packs.

Volcano Pack Do your Mt. Saint Helens impersonation. Energy based weapon, backpack combination. Fires a stream of volcanic love like no other. Impress your friends.
Jumper Pack Get there in a hurry! Want to get to the enemys base, but don't want to deal with their guard dogs or turrets scattered on the lawn? Grab a Jumper Pack, aim where you want to go, fire, an voilla! Instant party at the enemys base.
Cloak- Jammer Pack Disappear into the scenery with this advanced cammoflage pack. Even in broad daylight it will render the user invisible to turrets and players. Just make sure its toggled on when the fun starts.
Optical Rocket Launcher Pack Play space cowboy at your enemys expense. Fires fly by wire Optical Rockets. Not for indoor use, or internal consumption. Do not fire while in the air, or flying. Space bar will detonate the Optical Rocket, and return contol to your body. Now get busy learning tricks.
Energy Pack Standard energy pack, added uranium and plutonium for added fun.
Telelport Pack Transports you and as many friends as you can find to your current waypoint. Great for offensive panty raids. The Teleport pack automatically picks the highest elevation, so be carefull where you point that thing!
Fixit Pack Show a turret you REALLY care. Fix up your base, and teams self esteem. Repairs ALOT faster than the Orgasm gun.
Shield Pack Increase your resistance to enemy assault and dirty looks.
Ammo Pack More of what you like, for half the price.

New Depoyable turrets.

Pencil Turret Shoots sharpened number 2 pencils just like we all did in junior high.
Vortex Turret Friendliest turret you'll ever meet. Sucks enemys towards it. Great fun placed on ceilings, or anywhere up high.
Turret Your basic turret, hot rodded for excitement.
Zapper Zapper turret, some call it the deployable Orgasm because it has the same effect as the Orgasm gun. Causes players to fumble weapons, ammo, energy, and even flags. Great above elevator shafts, or on floating bases. Even better with a Vortex turret nearby.

Depoyable Barriers.

Blastwall Fixed wall of plasma treated titanium. Erected in milliseconds by millions of nannites, the blastwall is a great addition to any new residence.
Blue Door Blue force field that lets friendly players pass through. Keeps the riff raff out.
Big Blue door Bigger, bluer, costlier. More of what everyone loves.
Deployable Platform Platform made of the same material as the blastwall. Great for tripping up opponets, and hiding turrets.
Girly Girl Friendly Force Field in the shape of a girl. Weaker than the blue variety, but easy on the eyes and pocketbook.
Mr. Twig Everyone loves to party down wih Mr. Twig. Despite his bad attitude. Acts as a cheap force field that explodes on enemy contact.

Depoyable Sensors.

Motion Sensor Not fooled by sensor jammers,sticks to ceilings like glue. Only detects movement.
Pulse sensor Detects nearby players regardless of motion, can be jammed.
Camera Detects players nearby, can be fooled by cloakers, but not jammers.
Deployable Jammer Jamms sensors and turrets up to 80 yards from its deployed position.

Depoyable Stations.

Depoyable inventory Set up an inventory station at your convenience. Not effected by power outages or floods, easily destroyable.
Deployable Ammo station Smaller and lighter than the deployable inventory, Resupplies valuable ammo.

Admin, and server options.

Torture Torture options include.. Spank, Strip, Freeze, Curse and Possess. Described below.
Spank Sends the offending player across the map, centerprints a warning, and says- 'Bye, YOU IDIOT!' Great for getting the attention of idiots on your server.
Strip Strips the offender of all weapons, ammo, and flags, centerprints a warning, and calls them an idiot.
Freeze Freezes them in place, centerprnts a warning. Be sure to defrost them at some point in the game...
Curse One of the the fun tortures. Gives them the 'Penis Curse'. Strips them, and sets a cactus on their head, making them look like a giant penis. While cursed, inventorys are blocked, team changes are blocked, and the curse returns after any death. Fun for the whole family.
Possess Possess will give you control of the offender. Only works if you are in the game -your body is invulnerable while possessing someone, and stations aren't acessble. Newbies will accuse you of hacking their machine even though a message is centerprinted for them. While being possessed, they will be forced to watch you control their player like a pro.... ;)
Other admin functions Other admin functions include, Kick, Ban, Mute, Admin, along with change map, and reset server.
Kick Kicks the selected player from the game. They cannot rejoin for 3 minutes. Centerprints who they got kicked by, Strips them, says 'bye, you idiot', and sends them across the map before actually booting them from the server.
Ban Kicks and bans the player. Same thing happens as the kick, but their ip address gets exported to config/banlist.cs so they cannot rejoin, EVER.
Mute Mute prevents chat messages from being sent to other players from the selected chatterbox.
Admin Makes the selected player admin untill they leave. For auto admin. Edit adminuserlist.cs.
Other features Server mod has auto admin built in, connect log, and logs admin actions.
Auto admin Admin is configurable by ip, player name, or both.
Connect log Logs connecting players name, and ip address.
Admin log Logs all admin actions, except 'LOOPBACK' admin actions, and local clients on local network. ALL public admin actions are logged.
The End

All content copyright 2001, 2002, 2003 Plasmatic