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While coding Sex Mod, Annihilation, and helping out with others, I've seen a few oddities.
Most of these are coding snafus or bugs, or simply cheats.

laser chain gun?!

This is from a mod I havnt released yet called Snafu.
Lasers are tricky beasts. you can skew them like any other projectile, but only through a function...
Lasers need a player or turret object to correctly calculate damage (damage conversion).
This could be coded around by spawning a projectile with the same skew,
but this would cause more processor strain, so I've never used this in a mod.

star burst

This is a animation of a starburst weapon. Basically the Magic Miner from SEX mod before I changed it to throw mines.
I wrote this code back in 2000 or 2001 for Sex mod, I let AUTO -lead developer for Nihility Mod use the code,
Auto let someone else use it, and have since seen it in many other mods.. Its called "El Diablo" in one I've seen.
The origional code was flawed. The weapon works by getting the position of the origional projectile, spawning a small explosion there,
then firing grenades from the player, using the trans (position, speed) of the object, and setting random direction and speed.
This worked fine while the shooter was still alive, but the grenades didnt have an owner while dead.
Any player that wanted to TK would simply suicide after firing it...
I've since fixed this for Annihilation Mod, but its amazing how no one else has in their mods.
In annihilation and SEX mod, the server finds the position and speed of the grenades and replaces them with mines thrown from the player.
Effectivly turning the weapon into a starburst grenade launcher.

Disco ball

This is the infamous Disco Ball.. If you have seen this in game,
then you've been to my server while I was putting together the Annihilation 3 rebuild.
Its a turret that fires a weak laser beam for a split second.
The diffrent colored beams are spawned through a *::verifyTarget function.
unfortunatly, Tribes was confusing the position of the beams with diffrent terrain files.
It worked fine with broadside.ted but wiggy with Raindance.ted, placing the beams 1/2 mile away..
Spawn projectile was a pain to get working properly with Laser beams,
It's a shame I can't find a decent application for this.

Lasers pass right through!
Some of you may have seen this Ghost Armor Hack in action.
Yes This is the nasty ghost CHEAT some of you are using in the larger servers like Annihilation NJ.
I've left it in for now, but it will be gone soon.

Builder mode

This screen was taken from Snafu Mod
In the mod, you could hit TAB to eject from your body.
While ejected you would take no damage and not be able to carry weapons.
You would also have an aura of plasma to mark you.
I was playing with lightning weapons firing through a function, and ended up with permanent elf beams.
This was the result.

trans attack

Playing around with TRANS here,
I used rocket.dts and a slow speed to show the direction more clearly.

trans attack2

Playing around with TRANS here again,
These are lasers with a very long time.. They stuck around for a good 2 minutes.
Not recommended with older computers. Lag city!

Builder mode

I've been running Annihilation Builder mode lately.
Interesting to see what some people come up with when they dont have to run back to a inventory

Builder mode

More Annihilation Builder mode.


This is the origional version of the Grabbler.
Since renamed, in order, Optical Tweezers (a real item), and now the Electric Glove.
Yes that's a repair type beam..


The Grabbler using Lightning type beam.
This method is actually faster and requires less cpu -The gun repositions the object many,
MANY times every secong. This is handled with a schedule with repair type beam, but is called
by the game engine with lightning type beams.
Lightning beams are less reliable, and will not always attach to objects, unlike repair beams.


Like all lightning and repair beams, you can specify the .bmp to use.
here I used ener00.bmp....


In its current configuration, the Weapon can be used to move just about anything that accepts damage.
Basically everything in the game that uses a .dts shape.
With Builder mode on, this opens up a whole new world in Tribes.


This is from the Annihilation rebuild. The base for version 3.
XiChimos and I were in here fooling around, I had added deploy code to the 'function remoteSay'.
Setting any .dis (building shape) is as easy as typing #(shape).dis when enabled.
Bedides the disco ball, Annihilation3 (beta) has laser beacons, here they are red beams pointing up.

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