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[KmA] Tribes server.

Yep, thats right. The server is called 'A HOLE!'

Server is based on an ABIT BX133Raid motherboard, with a Celeron 566
clocked up to 951 mhz by raising the front side from 66 to 112 mhz
(8.5x112), and over-volting the processor by .02 volts. 512 megs of pc133
Sdram, 20 gig Maxtor ata 100 7200rpm hard drive, 2 10/100 network cards,
floppy drive, and cheap pci video card complete the server.
Keeping it cool is a Golden Orb cooler, and a buncha thermal paste.

No cdrom, sound or fancy crap here at A HOLE!!

My other machine uses the same motherboard, cooler and memory, with a Maxtor 30 gig
ata 100 7200 rpm hard drive, Voodoo 3500, 10/100 net card, sound blaster sound, asus
40x cdrom, floppy, yamaha 8/8/24 burner, and Celeron 600 clocked up to 1008 mhz (9x112)

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Thats Right, I run BOTH my Girls TOPLESS!
Keeps them from getting hot and...
Uhm.. never mind...



About [KmA]

This clan was started about 3 months after Tribes 1 was released.
We play for fun. Most of the folk in our clan feel the same way.
We do not actively seek to demolish other clans, nor be demolished by them.
We just want to relax after a hard days work doing something that we all love.
If you want to be a member, just ask.
There are no real requirements, except a love of the game.

We do ask that you follow a few simple rules.

No Gloating. (Don't brag.)
Taunts are welcome, and encouraged.
Always Good Game - win or loose.
Never stab a brother in the back, Team Kill or kill your own base (TK, BK)
Enjoy the game and be a good sport.
Remember: It's just a GAME!


Know this: I (we) don't need a reason to do ANYTHING.
I (or another admin) will most likely piss you off eventually.
Deal with it, or add our server to your never ping list.
You're welcome to play on our server and have FUN.
If you experience LAG, reconnect to your isp, or deal with it.
You're welcome to suggest and make requests.
You're NOT WELCOME to whine, complain, act like an ass or call names.
You want to rule a server? Run your own. This one belongs to KMA.

One more thing:
Set your network connection apropriatly.
If your PL (Packet Loss) causes the server to lag, you will be asked
ONE TIME to reset your internet connection. If you ignore the
request, you will be kicked. No 'Ifs, ands or buts'...

We're are all here to have a good time.
Enjoy my server.

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